Monday, November 7, 2011

Disable/turn off the AutoPlay feature in Windows XP

I have been faced a virus problems which infect computers through autorun.inf file, It will happen when autoplay is enabled on windows by default. I found a best solution for this by googling. These basic steps you must do after fresh installing Windows Operating Systems, In here I emphasize the way of avoiding with Windows XP. One of the common infection method is through removable devices like USB, the risk is higher especially if you share same USB drives with different machines.

If anti virus software is installed on your computer that won't help to avoid this problem. There are no any detection definition on that particular malware executable files in your USB drives. Executable files will be activated once Windows autorun feature enabled when USB plug-in.

Below is the steps on how to disable "Autorun" for removable devices in Windows XP.

1. Launch Run dialog box by pressing win + r , then type gpedit.msc and press Enter.

2. Navigate to Computer Configuration --> Administrative Templates --> System

3. Double click on "Turn off Autoplay", choose "Enabled" and make sure select "All drives" from the drop down menu Autoplay on option.

4. Click "Apply" to end your configuration here. Have fun!

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